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Zoetic International hails tie-up with one of America’s largest tobacco-focused retail chains

Zoetic International PLC (LON:ZOE) said its Chill brand of tobacco alternative CBD products is set to be stocked by one of the largest tobacco-focused retail chains in the US.

The unnamed group oversaw the growth of one of America’s highest-selling tobacco-free nicotine pouch brands.

Zoetic said it expects to grow market share “due to the retail chain’s significant number of high footfall stores that will sell Chill products from high-visibility point of sale display stands”.

Co-chief executive Antonio Russo added: “This agreement marks a pivotal moment in the progress of our US rollout and demonstrates the high calibre of retail placements that our distribution partners continue to make.

“Our Chill products will now benefit from the established reputation of one of the largest tobacco-focused retail chains in the US.

“This chain was instrumental in the success of other tobacco alternative products in stores and we are hopeful that we will receive similarly positive results, establishing Chill as one of America’s favourite CBD brands.”

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