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The Renewables Infrastructure Group pauses operations at Merkur offshore wind farm for repairs

The Renewables Infrastructure Group Limited (LON:TRIG) announced operations at the Merkur offshore wind farm in the North Sea, Germany, have been paused for repairs.

Routine inspections found signs of stress fatigue on certain areas of the support structure of the Helihoist on some of the 6MW wind turbines, so investigations are ongoing.

The first batches of turbines have now been brought back online, in consultation with the authorities, but the wind farm is yet to resume activity.

The turbines are under warranty and service contract with the manufacturer, the investment company said.

Contractual provisions include a mechanism to protect lost revenue whilst turbines are not operational, subject to a cap.

The FTSE 100 group doesn’t expect the cap will be exceeded so it won’t suffer financial damage.

Merkur constitutes 6% of TRIG’s portfolio value on a committed basis and is the only site in TRIG’s portfolio which uses this turbine model.

The company owns a 25% interest in the 396MW wind farm, which it acquired in 2019 shortly after it was commissioned.

Shares were flat at 127.18p on Monday at the opening bell.

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