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Kromek trials machine that ‘sniffs out’ COVID-19 particles

Kromek Group PLC (LON:KMK) has started trials for a machine that detects Coronavirus (COVID-19) particles in the air.

Two of them have been installed in Teesside International Airport and at a primary school in the Northeast of England.

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Of the same size as an office printer, the units take in air and convert it to a liquid form that can be then analysed to find viruses and other pathogens that are transmitted in the air.

The samples don’t need to be sent to labs nor need a scientist to be present, as the machine runs automatically.

Kromek, which is headquartered in County Durham, is a supplier of detection technology focusing on the medical, security screening and nuclear markets.

“Our system can augment the government’s Test and Trace system by enabling early identification of potential exposure to the virus while supporting the safe return of visitors to public spaces like mass transport, retail outlets and entertainment venues,” chief executive Dr Arnab Basu was reported as saying by Sky News.

“We also believe that the continuous monitoring with our system, which can test for a wide spectrum of viruses as well as mutations of COVID-19, has significant potential for protecting against the outbreak of pandemics in the future.”

Shares jumped 7% to 15.51p on Thursday morning.

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