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Induction Healthcare says booking portal Induction Zesty surpasses 200,000 UK patient users

Induction Healthcare Group PLC (LON:INHC) said that its patient portal Induction Zesty has surpassed 200,000 patient users in the UK.

The digital healthcare firm said that in March 2020, registered users of Induction Zesty had more than doubled from 32,000 to 76,000 in one year.

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In the following 12 months, Induction Zesty reached 202,000 users and counts more than 700 new patient registrations daily.

The AIM-listed company said this number “will continue its climb unabated”, especially as hospital activity returns to pre-pandemic levels.

The platform serves as a ‘digital front door’ for hospitals, to provide with access to appointment bookings, clinical letters and copies of clinical records.

At participating hospitals, the platform supports access to Apple’s Health Records on iPhone.

It is employed by several NHS Trusts across the UK, including The Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust, a Global Digital Exemplar, and Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Trust, with whom Induction has been working for three years.

Data from Milton Keynes show that 97% of patients report that Induction Zesty provides easy registration, and 85% say they prefer having online control over their appointments, the company added.

“These numbers are proof that Induction Zesty is a favoured and reliable platform,” said James Balmain, joint chief executive of Induction Healthcare, in a release.

“Patients appreciate the ease, convenience and accessibility of the portal, and hospitals benefit from a reduction in both time and costs – with greater staff satisfaction – when they involve patients in the management of their own care.”

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